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About Us

About Us

Unleashing Aerial Excellence

Drone Pilots 24by7, a passion-driven venture founded in 2021 by the dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo, Tiki and R'reeana Maxwell.

What started as a hobby, soaring through the skies and capturing the beauty of the world below, evolved into a full-fledged business committed to excellence in drone aerial photography and education.

Our Journey

From Hobbyists to Innovators

Tiki and R'reeana's journey began with a shared love for flying drones and capturing the world from a unique perspective. As hobbyists, they found joy in not just the act of flying, but in the art of storytelling through aerial imagery. This passion laid the foundation for Drone Pilots 24by7.

Driven by the desire to assist others and share their enthusiasm, Tiki and R'reeana transitioned from hobbyists to innovators. The vision? To create a space where the beauty of aerial photography meets the precision of drone technology, and where individuals from all walks of life can learn to master the skies.

Sunset Photographer

Services Beyond Boundaries

From Construction Aerial Photography, Real Estate and Roofing Imagery, to Basic Drone Photography for special events, we've crafted a diverse set of services tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Our versatile expertise extends to Training, empowering enthusiasts and professionals to navigate the skies with skill and confidence.

Our Mission

To deliver stunning aerial visuals that exceed expectations and provide top-quality drone solutions. Our commitment to "safety, professionalism, and creativity" forms the core of our approach to every project.

Our Vision

Beyond technology, Drone Pilots 24by7 envisions a world where the tech sector is inclusive and diverse. We strive to empower the most marginalized, embracing the unique creativity each individual possesses.


Training for Tomorrow's Pilots

Drone Pilots 24by7 is more than a service provider; we're educators too. Our training programs encompass Drone STEM Education, Hands-On Flight Training, and Part 107 Exam Prep Workshops. We believe in enabling individuals, regardless of age or background, to join the global community of drone pilots.

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