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Welcome to BIRDS-EYE-VIEW DRONE SOLUTIONS, your #1 source for all things regarding Aerial Photography Services, Drone STEM Education, Training and Awareness, Hands - On Flight Training and Part 107 Exam Prep Workshops. We're dedicated to providing you with the very best training toolkit, with an emphasis on flight skills needed to start your own drone business, or skills that make you stand out from the crowd with employers looking to hire drone pilots. Our programs are tailored to the person or audience being trained - there's no one size fits all program. Anyone can learn to fly a Drone!


BIRDS-EYE-VIEW DRONE SOLUTIONS mission is to enable all people, regardless of age or background, to be able to join the community of drone pilots around the globe for commercial (to make money), or recreational (just for fun) purposes, (as well as embrace the unique creativity everyone possesses, which is different from others working within your team.)


We vision a world where the most marginalized, men, women and kids, of all ages are equally represented in the tech sector. BIRDS-EYE-VIEW DRONE SOLUTIONS embraces technology and the skills needed to pursue a career engaging STEM goals, however we also want to include the importance of safety and creativity of each individual Pilot. We are all different, have different perspectives and learning styles but BIRDS-EYE-VIEW DRONE SOLUTIONS teaches students how to incorporate all aspects while maintaining utmost safety and following guidelines enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Founded in 2021 by Mother - Daughter Duo, Tiki Maxwell and R'reeana Maxwell, BIRDS-EYE-VIEW DRONE SOLUTIONS has come a long way from beginning as hobbyists--flying drones just for fun. When Tiki and R'reeana first started out, their passion was not only for flying drones but enjoying scenery, being engulfed in nature and taking beautiful pictures. For them, being able to assist others (with safety) along with training, drove them to start their own business.


BIRDS-EYE-VIEW DRONE SOLUTIONS training divisions goals for our students are:

  • Provide Step-by-step process/skills that can be completed in as little as 4 weeks.

  • Offer convenient training schedules for busy learners

  • Provide certainty to our students that they possess a skill set to create a drone business or obtain employment.

  • Remove the uncertainty around where their next job will come from and how they are going to market their new skills. And remove the uncertainty and frustration of spinning their wheels and watching on the sideline as other people succeed in their careers as drone pilots and later burning out looking for the next business venture

  • Provide a skill set that will increase students’ income by $1,000’s


We hope you enjoy our aerial photography offerings, training classes and workshops as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us we would love to hear from you!




Tiki and R'reeana Maxwell


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